Have you tried almost everything and you’re still not booking your ideal client? Are you confused about what you’re doing wrong? Creative friends, I’ll let you in on the answer: nine times out of ten, the problem lies in the lack of brand consistency and a cohesive client experience. Your brand is an experience: it is seen (logo, stationery, website, and packaging) and heard (customer service and brand voice). It sets you apart from your competitors. It prompts your clients to refer you to their friends.

Whether you have an existing business or are just launching, a strong logo––one that correctly indicates the tone of your business––is crucial. Think of your logo as the face (the first impression) of your brand; it will immediately either draw clients in or turn them away. Logo design is the cornerstone of my Small Business Branding Package*, which features:

  • logo design

  • submark design

  • brand moodboard––complete with inspiration images, branded typography, and custom color palette. In the future, your moodboard will serve as your guide as your brand grows to include more elements (i.e. website artwork, stationery, apparel, packaging, etc.)

*Available for both new brands and rebrands!

Already have a logo you love? That’s amazing! But don’t forget the importance of a cohesive client experience. Remind potential and existing clients of your attention to detail with custom-branded business cards, notecards and envelopes, welcome packets, wax seals, packaging, brochures, and more. As you may know, fine paper goods are my bread and butter! :)

To maintain a high standard of individualized service, I accept a limited number of branding projects each year.