Photo by  Dani Cowan

I totally get how crazy busy a wedding or shoot day can be. But fear the “OH-CRAP-I-didn’t-have-time-for-the-details-so-let-me-quickly-toss-them-on-the-nearest-marble-floor” mediocre images no longer! Not only are those detail shots extremely meaningful to your couple, they can also quickly make or break publication potential.

Designed with local Colorado photographers, planners, and publications in mind, my flat lay styling services can be booked on an hourly basis. I bring my styling kit (the tackle box pictured here is the smaller of my two cases!)––complete with more wax seals, silk ribbons, ceramic dishes, velvet linens, antique trays, one-of-a-kind treasures, 10+ styling surfaces, and vintage postage than I can carry in one trip!

$75 per hour + travel costs