Hello, my name is Cat, and I'm your designer. Based in Ohio, I specialize in crafting beautiful brands and creating fine custom paper goods. After receiving my bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, I learned the ropes of social invitations and stationery working under some of the best in the business.

Everything I create is carefully planned, executed, and inspected to ensure each piece is something that I am proud to share. I select high quality paper that promises to become a well-made and beautiful final product. I seek to serve my customers not only by delivering an unmatched product, but also by sharing in their joy as they plan some of life's happiest events.

Outside of the design studio, I love being outdoors with my husband, laughing with my best friend (my sister), and watching reality TV. When SURVIVOR Season 198 airs, I will still be watching.

I can't wait to get to know you – please introduce yourself!