Image by  Sara Corona

Image by Sara Corona

Hi, I'm Cat, the hands and heart behind Beautifully Noted. Based in Northern Colorado, I create custom paper goods for couples nationwide. After receiving my bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, I learned the ropes of social invitations and stationery working in Cincinnati, Ohio under some of the best (and most experienced) in the business. When the time came for the owner of 20+ years to retire and close the shop, I couldn't allow my dream job to come to an untimely end. As a senior in college several years earlier, I had created a fictional paper company called Beautifully Noted for a school project. Within 24 hours of learning that the shop was closing and we were sending customers elsewhere, my website went live and Beautifully Noted became a reality!

Sourcing the finest materials, I carefully plan, execute, and inspect each element to ensure it is something I am proud to share. I seek to serve my customers not only by delivering an unmatched product, but also by getting to know their stories and sharing in their joy as they plan some of life's happiest events.

Outside the design studio, you can find me hiking with my husband, calling my sister, scouting out home décor, or watching reality TV. When SURVIVOR Season 198 airs, I will still be watching.

I can't wait to get to know you––please introduce yourself!


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